Press Release: Between Memory and Invention

March 24 – April 4, 2008

1111 Eighth Street San Francisco, CA 94107

Featuring work by Susy Bielak, Julia Goodman, Katie Hart, Klea McKenna, and Adrienne Skye Roberts

To trace the landscape of a memory is a complex and disorienting endeavor. While our memories continually inform us of ourselves, our histories, our relationships, they remain fractured, embellished and constantly changing shape. Between Memory and Invention features five artists who focus explicitly on biography and memory—including personal narratives and the stories of family, friends and strangers. The artists’ use storytelling, writing, the act of collecting, as well as dialogue and correspondence as methods for exploring the personal. Through this process they become the medium for the translation itself, offering subjective interpretations of loss, identity, physical and emotional ruptures. In charting the complicated internal landscape of memory, the artists featured in Between Memory and Invention attempt to make tangible the intangible and make visible that which is otherwise unseen.


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