Chowchilla Freedom Rally, One Millions Reasons to Go

Last week Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed that the prison crisis in California is over and overcrowding is a “distant memory.” This outrageously untrue statement added even more fuel to our already burning, hot fire! In less than two weeks people from throughout the state will gather in Chowchilla and march from Valley State Prison to Central California Women’s Facility–now the most overcrowded prison in California–to demand an end to this gender discrimination and the release of our loved one’s locked up in Chowchilla’s prisons.

The support and enthusiasm for this rally is overwhelming and the word is spreading. Check out our recent interview on KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio program, a recent article covering the overcrowding in the Merced Sun Star and our latest promotional videos featuring some of our incredible leaders: One million reasons to go and I am free today!

Let’s not wait until the 26th to share in our collective power! Come to our pre-protest party this Saturday in Oakland to learn more about the conditions in Chowchilla’s prisons and the history of resistance to this inhumane system. We will be making signs and noise-makers!


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