Articles & Interviews


Keep Your Heart Strong: An interview with Kati Teague about Healing from the Prison Industrial Complex through Art and Organizing, Open Space, SFMOMA, January 8, 2014


Where the Silence Is: An Interview with Noah Miska about the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike, Organizing Upgrade (cross-published on Open Space), July 8, 2013
Saturday Rumpus Interview: Tirza True Latimer, The Rumpus, January 12, 2013


An Infinity of Traces: An Interview with Evan Bissell, Organizing Upgrade, December 4, 2012
We Thought the World We Built Would Be Forever: An Interview with Lenn Keller, Organizing Upgrade, June 6, 2012
Toma Las Calles! Take It to the Streets! An Interview with Melanie Cervantes, Organizing Upgrade, October 25, 2012
There Is No Movement for Justice Without the Arts: An Interview with Jeff Chang and Favianna Rodriguez, Organizing Upgrade, October 9, 2013


Learning to Speak With A Louder Voice, Make/Shift: Feminisms in Motion, Issue 11, Spring/Summer 2011
Suggestions of A Life Being Lived: A Queer Exploration of Three Public Themes, Editor, SFCamerawork Press
Where We Are Not Known, Queer Imagination and the Photography of Kirstyn Russell, Make/Shift: Feminisms in Motion, Issue 9, Spring/Summer 2011


Memory in Place, Part 2: Where This House Once Stood, Art Practical, Issue 13: Critical Mass, April 22, 2010
Memory in Place, Part 1: Misplaced Memorials, Preservation and Civil Rights, Art Practical, Issue 7: History Lessons January 27, 2010
By Virtue of Their Imagining: The Creation of Multiple Publics through the work of Four Contemporary San Francisco Artists, Images Nr. 3, published by Steven Leiber, March 8, 2010
A Visual History of Square Technologies Encountering Round Realities, A Queer Relational Associative Dictionary, edited by Emily Roysdon, Berkeley Art Museum, December 2010


A Letter From Home, Art Practical, Issue 1: Nomads and Residents, September 15, 2009
Homesick: The Search for Belonging in New Orleans’ Landscape of Loss, Sightlines,
Visual and Critical Studies Journal, CCA, September 2009
Rethink, Reclaim: Creative Protest in San Francisco’s Public Spaces, Plastic Antinomy, Visual Arts Quarterly For San Francisco & Oakland, Issue 3, Fall 2009
Wonderland: A Follow-Up, Open Space, SFMOMA, September 18, 2009
Wonderland: A World Turned Upside Down, Open Space, SFMOMA, September 7, 2009
A Sustained Presence, The Photography of Lewis Watts on the Fourth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Open Space, SFMOMA, August 29, 2009
“Without the public these works are nothing,” Participating with Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Open Space, SFMOMA, August 22, 2009
This Land Wasn’t Made for You and Me, Open Space, SFMOMA, August 9, 2009
What We Leave Behind: New Narratives in a Queer Archive, Open Space, SFMOMA, July 9, 2009
A Queer Time and Place, Open Space, SFMOMA, June 25, 2009
No Place Like Home: Design and Architecture in Post-Katrina New Orleans, Open Space, SFMOMA, June 23, 2009
The Gay Bar Versus the Academy, Open Space, SFMOMA, June 9, 2009
100% Authentic: An Interview with Imin Yeh, Open Space, SFMOMA, May 26, 2009


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