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Participate in government! Stop Gentrification! Demand Independence! UC Berkeley students send messages home

In August I was invited to be a guest artist at UC Berkeley in the undergraduate course, “Visual Thinking” taught by Erin Johnson. After sharing my recent work and discussing the forms I use in my art practice—archival research, interviews, audio recordings, text and protest—the students set out to do their own research about each other. In pairs they spoke about where they are from and answered some of the following questions:

What do you consider the most important issues facing your community or neighborhood?

What resources does your neighborhood need that it doesn’t have?

What does or does not make this place feel like home?

What message do you have for your your community or neighborhood?

Then each pair created protest signs based on the messages, demands, and hopes that their partner has for their towns, cities and countries they were raised.

Below are videos of the students explaining their signs and what they learned about each others relationship to place.