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How We Heal

How We Heal_promotional

How We Heal by Adrienne Skye Roberts and Sara Yassky with Dagmar Hesker, Sandra Johnson, Samantha Rogers, Mira Stern, and LaSonya Wells of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners

How We Heal is an unfolding collaboration among members of California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP) exploring somatic and/or embodied practices as a way to heal from the Prison Industrial Complex; specifically our experiences as survivors of the prison system and witnesses of our loved ones inside. How We Heal began as a one-day workshop for members of CCWP focusing on trauma endured by the PIC; how this trauma is registered in our bodies, and how we collectively heal in order to continue fighting against this inhumane system. The project includes documentation of this workshop, including audio, video and performative elements.

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