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Strategies for Artists in Social Justice Movements, a Panel and Workshop on January 14th

Join Artists of the 99% for a panel & workshop: STRATEGIES FOR ARTISTS IN SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENTS

Saturday, January 14 @ 6 – 9PM
Southern Exposure
3030 20th Street San Francisco

Join Artists of the 99% for a conversation and workshop about strategies for artists participating in social justice movements, including the international Occupy movement at Southern Exposure gallery. We will kick-start the discussion with a panel featuring: David Solnit (artist and activist, formerly of Art and Revolution), Jeff Chang (author of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation), Favianna Rodriguez (artist who, along with Jeff Chang, organized Culture Strike against Arizona’s SB1070 Immigration Law) and Zeph Fishlyn (of the Beehive Design Collective, making giant collaborative graphics for education and organizing).

After the panel, we will hold small-group discussions to workshop our own ideas and experiences with the goal of connecting artists to each other and strengthening our movements for social and economic justice. Please bring your own ideas and experiences. Let’s compare notes and share resources!

For more information or questions contact: artistsofthe99percent@gmail.com

This venue is wheelchair accessible.


KNIT-IN to Support Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone, December 18th 2 – 5PM

Join Artists of the 99% for a KNIT-IN on December 18th from 2 – 5PM
at Kaleidoscope Art and Free Speech Zone at 3109 24th Street (@ Folsom, right next to Philz Coffee)


Kaleidoscope Art and Free Speech Zone
was started in 2009 by Sara Powell, an artist and activist. It is a community space that opens its doors to all artists and art forms – from poetry readings to punk shows to visual art exhibitions. For the past 6 months, Sara has been facing illegal eviction of Kaleidoscope (which is also her living space) by an awful landlord who refuses to make basic repairs on the building and is trying to force her out through the Ellis Act.

This is an awesome opportunity for us to show our support of Sara and Kaleidoscope Arts and speak out against unjust housing policies and a climate in San Francisco that makes it nearly impossible to survive as a low-income person and community-based artist.

We will be “occupying” Kaleidoscope and the sidewalk in front, complete with signs and banners, teaching folks how to crochet and knit and passing out our zine, raising awareness and visibility about Sara’s impending eviction and these issues. Feel free to bring other mobile art projects, food, free give aways and whatever else feels fitting. And tell your friends!

Artist Bloc No. 1, Is Art Labor?

The Artist Bloc No. 1 zine is in circulation! This publication takes up the question of whether or not art is labor and considers the contribution of artists to the current Occupy Movement and social justice movements, in general. It features contributions from Christian L. Frock, Joseph del Pesco, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Mary Christmas, Elizabeth Sims, Adrienne Skye Roberts, The Beehive Collective, Welly Fletcher, Morgan R. Levy, Hannah Gustavvson, Paulina M. Nowicka, Zeph Fishlyn, Leslie Dryer and the Art Worker’s Coalition. Design and layout by Paulina M. Nowicka.

You can check it out online here. Read, print, copy, and re-distribute!

POST-PONED! Join Artists of the 99% for ARTIST BLOC Day at Occupy San Francisco

Sunday, November 20, 2011
12 – 5PM
Occupy San Francisco / Justin Herman Plaza

We are artists and art workers of the 99%. We are struggling to survive and sustain our creative practice in an economy that does not value us as workers, that privatizes cultural institutions and that continuously defunds art programs–from public education to government grants. We are putting our creative efforts towards this movement and considering our role in the fight for economic and social justice.

Join us for the Artists Bloc day at Occupy San Francisco for hands-on workshops, participatory projects, discussions and the distribution of our zine. The day will include screen-printing, crocheting and banner-making workshops, a speaker’s booth and conversations facilitated by local artists about arts funding, education and the systems of oppression that affect artists economic sustainability and more.

We will hear from art historian, Julia Bryan-WilsonJeff Chang, who, along with local artist–Favianna Rodriguez, organized Culture Strike in opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070 law, and artist, print-maker and political organizer Melanie Cervantes of Dignidad Rebelde.

This is a family friendly event an will include art-making workshops for kids.


12:00: Welcome

12:15: Speaker’s Address, Julia Bryan-Wilson / Melanie Cervantes

1:00 – 5:00 : Ongoing Workshops : Crocheting, Banner-making, Screen-printing,Speaker’s Booth Video Interviews, Kid’s Zone

1:30 – 2:00 : Workshop : The Art State We’re In, Dialogues on Challenges of Living and Creating in the Bay Area and California. Facilitated by Paulina Nowicka

2:00 – 2:30 : Workshop : General Education about the Occupy Movement for Artists. What’s our place in this movement? What systems of oppression affect the 99%? Facilitated by Adrienne Skye Roberts

3:00 – 4:00 : Workshop : Pictures Make Change, Visual Brainstorming with the Beehive Design Collective. A collaborative drawing jam for artists to draw ourselves into the 99%. Facilitated by Zeph Fishlyn

4:15: Speaker’s Address, Jeff Chang

…and free give-aways of posters, zines, arm-bands and more!

Contact us: artistsofthe99percent@gmail.com, http://artistsof99percent.tumblr.com/ and on Facebook.