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Art 148: Thinking Through the Body

We just finished week 4 of the quarter in Special Topics in Sculpture or The Intimate Body, the Public Body at UC Santa Cruz. To begin the class my students and I did a brainstorm about the words, “Intimate” and “Public,” as well as, “The Body.” Below are some examples of what comes to mind when considering these terms and above is a message created between students that I recently discovered on the chalkboard in the classroom after assigning a project about identity. I am grateful to be thinking through these subjects with these students.


Art 148: The Intimate Body / The Public Body

I will be teaching an undergraduate sculpture class at UC Santa Cruz during the Winter 2011 quarter entitled, “The Intimate Body / The Public Body.” Below is the course description.

This course will consider the body as it exists within both an intimate and public sphere. Students will engage in a series of formal and conceptual projects that address topics such as body memory, anatomy, vulnerability, racial and gender identity, queerness, body technologies and how the body relates to and effect its environment. Through a series of presentations, readings, research, and studio work, students will be exposed to feminist and queer theories, contemporary art practices and histories related to sculpture and the body. Assignments will encourage an experimentation with materials, performance and collaboration

Image credit: Regina Jose Galindo, Saqueo. Photography by Marion Garcia.