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Scissors, Glue and Photocopies on SFMOMA’s Open Space

Reporting from San Francisco’s Zinefest at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park and the 2nd Annual Rock Make on Treat Street in the Mission, “Scissors, Glue and Photocopies: DIY San Francisco” celebrates San Francisco’s independent, do-it-ourselves and do-it-together culture. With highlights of favorite local writers and musicians, this article is a love letter of sorts to a city that embraces the alternative. Read more here.

Zine fest!


This land wasn’t made for you and me on SFMOMA’s Open Space

“This land wasn’t made for you and me” was written after touring the San Francisco Federal Building designed by Morphosis Architecture firm. The article focuses on the building’s plaza on the corner of 7th and Mission Street that claims to be “public,” yet is built on federally owned property. Despite its sustainable design, there is little connection between the designer’s mission to create a democratic social space and the actual function of the federal building. Read the full article on SFMOMA’s blog Open Space.


No Place Like Home on SFMOMA’s Open Space

“No Place Like Home:  Design and Architecture in post-Katrina New Orleans” responds to Eric Heiman’s discussion of beauty and utility through an examination of the rebuilding projects of the Make It Right Foundation and Habitat for Humanity’s Musician’s Village. The issue of housing in post-Katrina New Orleans is very dear to my heart and this article examines the long-standing tension around recent sustainable, green design in the Lower Ninth Ward. Read it on Open Space.

Make it right foundation

100% Authentic on SFMOMA’s Open Space

For this Open Space article I interviewed local artist, Imin Yeh whose printmaking practice addresses cultural stereotypes, labor and consumerism through playful and poignant projects. I had the pleasure of including Imin’s piece “Everybody Loves a Skinny White Boyfriend” in the exhibition For Lovers and Fighters at the Spare Room Project in February 2009. In this interview Yeh offers insight into her experiences of creating work that is inherently personal and political, as well as her navigation through the art institutions from museums to academia. Check it out.

Imin Yeh, CCA MFA show installation

Action, Ritual and Ephemerality on SFMOMA’s Open Space

“Action, Ritual, and Ephemerality:  Julia Goodman and the (de)Appropriation Wall” discusses the public art actions of local textile artist, Julia Goodman. With her handmade paper sculptures, Goodman enacts public rituals of mourning that rely upon the ephemerality and non-linearity of the site of these rituals: Bruce Tomb’s (de)Appropriation Wall on Valencia Street. Read the full article here.

Julia Goodman wheatpasting, sailboat

Public Art and Redevelopment on SFMOMA’s Open Space

My first article written for SF MOMA’s blog, Open Space entitled “Public Art and Redevelopment” examines a current construction project in San Francisco’s Mission District and questions how public art functions within the context of redevelopment. Check out the article here.